Luis Encarnação

Mayor of Lagoa


Luis Encarnação

The 7th Lagoa International Guitar Festival, from September 12th to October 1st of this so atypical year 2020, constitutes a firm and safe step forward to promote cultural shows, entertainment in public spaces, and the heritage of a municipality that nature has awarded with exceptional conditions. Sustainability was the challenge that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year and that we are now challenged to reinvent. After the first step taken by the Municipality in this sense with the program «Culture goes to the street», which took place from July 21 to September 5, still in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lagoa International Guitar Festival (FIGL) reinforces, in this edition, its meaning and boldness. This program enhances the brightness of fantastic and improbable stages in the municipality of Lagoa. Highlights the international appeal of its landscape and culture. It encompasses renowned artists and young musicians. Its eclectic matrix reflects the character of the cultural offer that we have structured. It is the Guitar that presents itself as a special guide for an unforgettable journey. The program begins by attuning us with the History that has been part of Ferragudo for 500 years. Then, over the twelve concerts that follow, it unveils other heritage sites with other stages in the municipality. From the beauty of the natural landscape, to the gastronomy and the wine, there are many reasons to follow the beautiful sounds of the strings as this summer ends. The journey to which the 7th Guitar Festival invites us, with the security and responsibility that current circumstances impose on all of us, is yet another investment by the Municipality of Lagoa in the rehabilitation of local economic activity, and in the regaining of the confidence essential to the quality of life.


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