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After a long time in different bands and as soloists, the members of the quintet got together in June 2013 to form the tango group. They have performed in various theaters throughout Spain (Melilla, Palencia, San Sebastián….) and France (París, Chatellerault, Limoges..) Voice, Music and dance went hand in hand with Gardel.
Carolina and Gonzalo; dancers, choreographers and teachers born in Buenos Aires. They have been dancing together for 10 years while belonging to different companies. Their multidisciplinary training managed to bring to their dancing different strands, making it stand out for the strength of the interpretation, the elegance, the plasticity and the technique. Based in Madrid teaching regular classes and setting up exhibitions, shows and workshops in various national and international festivals.
Orlando di Bello. At 16 he won a prize in the competition "NACE UNA ESTRELLA" establishing the duo of bandoneon with Juan José Mosalini. He performed with various well known Tango singers such as Jorge Casál, Jorge Falcón, Silvia del Rio, Alberto Podestá, Alfredo Belizzi or Héctor de Rosas.  In 2001 he travelled to Spain where he performs with several Tango groups. He played with the famous argentine singers Amelita Baltar and María Garay. He was invited to Tango festivals in various towns in France, Switzerland, Finland and Italy. His last recording was done with the Flamenco singer El Cabrero. Carles Pons was born in Lleida and currently lives in Palencia. He performed in concerts, among other places, in Spain Bahrain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Brazil, Peru, México, Germany, France, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Japan...
He performed solo with various orchestras having directors such as Frank Rodriguez-Freites, Jordi Colomer, Juan José Ocón, Béla Köteles or Michele Santorsola.
He gave Masterclasses in Aranda de Duero, Burgos, at the university of Ankara, in “Bahrain Music Institute” (Persian Gulf), in Caxias do Sul (Brazil) , Lima (Peru), Morelia (México), Forum-Gitarre (Vienna) and in different international universities.

Dancers: Carolina y Gonzalo
Bandoneon: Orlando di Bello
Guitar: Carles Pons


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