Luis Encarnação

Mayor of Lagoa


Luis Encarnação

Cultural entertainment can happen anytime anywhere. This is the vision that motivates us and the project which mobilizes us in the cultural dynamics of the Municipality of Lagoa.
Taking advantage of the natural spaces (of endless beauty), historical ones (restored and full of charm), and purpose built (to a high standard and versatility), the gathering of audiences, the presentation of great performances, the eclecticism, without ever foregoing quality, are the master beams of our cultural building.
It is in this framework that the Municipality of Lagoa promotes for the sixth consecutive year, the International Guitar Festival, an event that takes place during three weekends in a total of 14 concerts, searching for the most diverse musical influences, from the guitar to opera, encompassing the flamenco and traditional Portuguese music.
Thus, between the 14th September and the 1st October, Lagoa will be entertained by different musical styles, united by the guitar and other string instruments, which will become a bridge for the dissemination of culture in several emblematic spaces in the County, namely Carvoeiro's Fortress, the Fort of S. João do Arade, the Sitio das Fontes, the Cloisters of São José's Convent, Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, the Adega Cooperativa do Algarve, and Porches' Igreja Matriz.
Taking into account the desideratum undertaken by Lagoa as Educating Town and Inclusive Town, it is important to highlight the need to ensure that the event reaches not only the public in general, but also the younger ones and the schools, by including in the program a dedicated and exclusive moment for this public.
Education does not end at home or in schools...We want, in a county that vibrates, in the multiple spaces that are animated, in the people who discover and cultivate new tastes, without casting aside ancient traditions, a society conscious that the enjoyment of the aesthetic and the beautiful is a transforming element in our lives, and that the well being which might be given through culture to the citizen changes him, and in turn he becomes an agent for change in culture.


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