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Young talents, the Guitar and the Gastronomy
Claustros do Convento

João Mendes first started his classical guitar studies at the age of 10 at Portimão’s Conservatoire – Joly Braga Santos, under the teachers José Alegre and Eudoro Grade. He acquired his degree in Music at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa during the 2018/2019’s school year under the orientation of the teacher António Jorge Gonçalves. Now he is attending a Master’s degree in Music Teaching at Évora’s University, on Deján Ivanovich’s class. In 2016, João Mendes obtained the Honorable Mention on the 11th Anatólio Falé’s Musical Contest. In 2018, he participated on the II International Staging of Plucked Strings of the City of Braga, oriented by Leo Brouwer. During his academic career, he has taken part in various guitar masterclasses, some of which oriented by Deján Ivanovich, Cristobal Pazmiño, Júlio Guerreiro, Frank Bungarten, Andrea Vettoretti, and many others.


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