Welcome to the 5th International Guitar Festival of Lagoa. We have sought to create this year a horizontally broader program that legitimates the will to expand the boundaries of the guitar and the county, focusing not only on its versatility but also the diverse set of musical sounds, genres and musical cultures, thus providing an encompassing dynamic that combines the most traditional culture with the most contemporary artistic performances, in a physical environment of great monumental and environmental singularity - resembling last year's - but against the backdrop of the theme proposed by the municipality: 'Lagoa, a Town for Learning' . We acknowledge, therefore, that the 5th INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL OF LAGOA will once again be a focus of unique tourist attention and will contribute to the projection and notoriety of the town across borders, increasing the flow of tourism in the county and Algarve, as well as providing a moment of reflection and proximity of the people of Lagoa to the strategic theme of the town's Municipality for 2018: 'Lagoa, a Town for Learning'. In this sense it is fair to remember the words of the Town Mayor:«(...),in this mandate, we decided to take up causes. And we begin with what we consider to be more structuring, the basis of our citizenship, which is education. (...) education does not happen just in schools. All society must be an educator and all citizens are receptive for education".

Already with four previous editions, we can conclude that the Festival has thus became a way of promoting the well-being of residents and visitors, by allowing to diversify the local economy and by representing a possibility of increased opportunities for the retail and hotel sectors of the county, and overall, for the dynamism of the life of the town of Lagoa. Thus, the 5th INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL OF LAGOA, sought to interweave and integrate a set of initiatives that respond to the challenges of local authorities and the aspirations of the population. Initiatives that are born with the enlarged program of guitar concerts during three weekends in September which extend and work alongside a range of actions that interact, for example, with the most diverse sectors of activity: the guitar goes to schools; the presence of children's theatre; the guitar and gastronomy; the guitar and the wine; the guitar and nature; the guitar and pottery; the guitar and literature.

Eudoro Grade
Artistic director


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Câmara Municipal de Lagoa