sat. 14 september 18h00
Largo do Carvoeiro

In medieval Europe, bards were professional story tellers, verse-makers and music composers, singing stories in recited poems. They would later be known as Troubadours.
In Portuguese we are the Bardos, a group of friends who enjoy playing the repertoire of European traditional music to dance to, trying to rediscover it with all those who may wish to join us in this voyage.
The project counts with the participation of Joana Oliveira in the concertina and timbrel, Joaquim Rodrigues in the viola and violin, Jorge Wong in the guitar, José Viegas in percussion, Lara Loureiro in the vocals and Pedro Fontura in the transverse flute.

And should we not meet here, we might do so in a bandstand, in a forest clearing, or in a pergola near the sea. With different life paths, 6 bards gathered to keep alive the music that has always been with us, running through the melodies pertaining to folk dancing, a place to meet and revisit. Composing arrangements that try to explore different sounds and new perspectives for dance music, we drew in parallel, original melodies which gradually are becoming parte of our repertoire, making more colourful this dancing journey to which you are all invited. Our repertoire encompasses all kinds of music related to the imaginary of traditional European music, not neglecting traditional Portuguese music.

A Fábrica de Braço de Prata, a Casa do Fauno, o Orfeão do Porto, o Centro Cultural de Vinhais, o Festival Andanças, o Festival Avante, and o Ateneu da Madre de Deus are some of the places where we have performed and charmed, having worked with Popolomondo, Tradballs, Coreto, Fábrica de Alternativas, Pé de Xumbo, among other partners, to promote and invigorate folk dancing in Portugal.


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