sat. 25 september 17h30
Auditório Carlos do Carmo

The storm of passion and the peace of the ocean, which rests somewhere amid the Iberian Peninsula, South America and their rich folklore, is the musical muse that connects Polona, Timi, Vojko and Mitja. Mascara explores the space inside and outside of the field of classical music; cautiously, respectfully, it colors over the line with a brush of tense strings and the warmth of human voice.
Polona Udovič, Timi Krajnc, Vojko Vešligaj and Mitja Režman  are classically trained musicians, acclaimed at home and abroad. The quartet is a reflection of their valuable musical experiences and their deep understanding of music, their artistic careers and their intensive work with numerous artists, chamber groups, orchestras, ensembles, in concert halls and at festivals around the world.
Their music expresses so powerfully, so directly and so concisely that poignant longing captured on the streets of Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lisbon... halfway between bordellos and milongas... joy and a sad melancholy feeling...amongst merchants, sailors and African's the music played at night when all kinds of masks are allowed (mascara - Spanish word for mask), the music which comes with moonshine and dies down at daybreak...  
Musicians are brought together by a historical crossroads and it is here that they meet every night - those who are still around and those who have long since passed away...On a street corner there is still Mascara Cafe...If you get closer, you will here the music of Mariza, Dulce Pontes, Amalia Rodriguies, Astor Piazzolla and of many others... of those who have escaped salon parquet floors and cliches.

Polona Udovič (vocal, violin),
Timi Krajnc (guitar),
Vojko Vešligaj (guitar),
Mitja Režman (bass guitar)


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Câmara Municipal de Lagoa