fri. 1 October 19h00
Auditório Carlos do Carmo

Mexican music is very diverse, as it has been influenced by a variety of indigenous, European and even African cultures. However, no musical genre is as well known as the Mariachi groups, recognized by UNESCO as intangible heritage of humanity. Originating in the state of Jalisco, the mariachi excels for gallantry in the charro costume (a typical rider from that state) and in the music he performs. The performance of Mariachi Sol de Lisboa reflects the emotion and joy of the various musical genres of that country, such as ranchera music, son jarocho, huapangos, corridos, polcas, Mexican waltz, bolero ranchero and, currently, the cumbia! During the performance, several traditional instruments are performed, such as the Mexican vihuela and the guitarrón, in addition to the trumpets and violins, which accompany the voices, the main mariachi instrument.


- El Son de la Negra
- Guadalajara
- Canción Mexicana
- Jarabe Tapatío
- La Malagueña
- Caminos de Michoacán
- Granada
- El Rey


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