sun. 12 september 17h30
Quinta dos Vales (Estômbar)

“José Manuel Neto is unanimously considered one of the greatest guitarists in the history of Fado. Endowed with an evolved technique, with a unique sensitivity and creativity, he is in line with the outstanding people who have written the history of the Portuguese guitar.” His career is intricately linked, in shows and recordings, to big names like Carlos do Carmo, Ana Moura, Camané, Mariza, Ricardo Ribeiro, among others, having already performed on the biggest national stages and in some of the most emblematic venues in the world. In his own name, José Manuel Neto continues to write some of the most beautiful pages in his history. This multi-award-winning artist, that was the first to be published by Museu do Fado Discos label, releasing the album "Tons de Lisboa", takes the stage to prove all the virtuosity and creativity reflected in his disc, and also unveiling compositions of his new work.


Tlf: (+351) 282 380 434

Tlf: (+351) 282 380 452

Câmara Municipal de Lagoa