sat. 11 sepetember 18h30
Anfiteatro de Carvoeiro

BAIL’A RIR is a balfolk show with an european repertoire, live music and original musical arrangements. The participants are invited to wear a piece of clothing or comic props, eccentric, disproportionate, in short, ridiculous. With these outfits, they dance and experiment the traditional dances proposed by the “mandador”, the dance monitor. Those dances are initially kept in their traditional structure, but then taken to its deconstruction through the maximum exaggeration of the choreography. This leads to a collective weird peripatetic, grotesque and ridiculous. A show for all, families, adults and children.

Direção Artística / Figurinos: Diana Regal
Mandadora de baile: Ana Silvestre
Músicos: David Rodrigues, Mara, Vicente Camelo


Tlf: (+351) 282 380 434

Tlf: (+351) 282 380 452

Câmara Municipal de Lagoa